X: Path to becoming a project manager

X: Path to becoming a project manager

Introduction by X:

  • Background:
    • X is a Program Manager for Responsible Innovation at Google.
    • Uses program management skills in everyday life, such as deciding between cleaning the house or grocery shopping based on time constraints.
  • Non-Traditional Path:
    • Dropped out of high school and college, earning a GED as the highest credential.
    • Taught himself how to code and built websites.
    • Joined the military to develop maturity and responsibility, serving eight years in the Army.
    • Traveled globally, building apps for major companies and governments.
  • Transition to Google:
    • Sought to grow by learning new skills beyond technical coding.
    • Discovered the program manager role at Google, which varies significantly between teams (e.g., Google Cloud vs. YouTube).
    • Attracted to the dynamic nature of program management compared to coding.

Skills and Experiences:

  • Accountability: Emphasizes taking accountability in personal life, such as scheduling practice for playing bass guitar.
  • Learning Approach: Prefers hands-on, kinetic learning over book learning. Gained insights by asking project managers about their work processes.
  • Passion for Coordination: Enjoys bringing people together to achieve common goals, whether it’s organizing social outings or collaborating on projects.

Application of Everyday Skills:

  • Everyday skills for organizing tasks and managing schedules are easily transferable to program and project management.
  • Requires intentionality and managing more paperwork in a professional setting.