Summary of the project phases

The project life cycle is the structured path a project follows from initiation to closure. Here’s a summary of each phase:

  1. Initiate the Project:
    • Set the foundation by asking questions about stakeholders, goals, mission, objectives, improvements, timeline, required skills, resources, costs, and benefits.
  2. Make a Plan:
    • Create a detailed project plan with major milestones, tasks, and deliverables.
    • Build a schedule and itemized budget to manage resources, materials, and timeline effectively.
  3. Execute the Project:
    • Monitor the project team as they complete tasks.
    • Remove barriers, address weaknesses, and provide additional training as needed.
    • Adapt to changes and ensure the team is aware of schedule and deliverable expectations.
  4. Close the Project:
    • Ensure all outcomes are completed and get stakeholder approval.
    • Release the team to support other projects.
    • Celebrate successes, document lessons learned, and reflect on ways to improve in the future.