Phases in action: Initiating and planning

In the project life cycle, there are four major phases: initiate the project, make a plan, execute and complete tasks, and close the project. Here’s a closer look at the tasks involved in the first two phases:

  • Initiate the Project:
    • Organize Information: Gather all available information about the project.
    • Define Goals: Clearly define the project goals and deliverables.
    • Conduct Research: Research to generate ideas and understand resources.
    • Identify Resources: Determine what resources (people, equipment, software, etc.) are needed.
    • Create Proposal: Document all details in a project proposal and get approval from decision-makers.
  • Make a Plan:
    • Create Budget and Schedule: Develop a detailed budget and set a project schedule.
    • Establish Project Team: Form the team and assign roles and responsibilities.
    • Plan for Risks: Consider potential risks and changes and plan accordingly.
    • Communicate Plan: Share the plan with the team and stakeholders to ensure everyone is on the same page.