Key project manager roles and responsibilities

Key project manager roles and responsibilities


  • Reflecting on others' career paths can be inspiring and informative for your own journey in project management.
  • So far, the course has covered types of project management roles and how to search for them, as well as the value project managers bring to organizations.

Roles and Responsibilities of a Project Manager:

  • Planning and Organizing:
    • Use productivity tools and create processes.
    • Develop plans, timelines, schedules, and documentation to track project completion.
    • Maintain these documents throughout the project.
  • Budgeting and Controlling Costs:
    • Monitor and manage the budget.
    • Track issues and risks, and mitigate them.
    • Remove unforeseen barriers to project progress.
  • Managing Tasks:
    • Keep track of tasks to manage team workload and demonstrate progress to stakeholders.
    • Example: As a program manager at Google, managing tasks involved creating project trackers for engineering teams and updating stakeholders regularly.


  • Understanding the roles and responsibilities of a project manager is crucial.
  • The next section will discuss a project manager's role within the extended team.