Key competencies: Flexibility and handling ambiguity

Key competencies: Flexibility and handling ambiguity

Key Competencies for Project Managers:

  • Enabling Decision-Making:
    • Foster a collaborative decision-making environment.
    • Empower team members to express their opinions and make decisions.
    • Promote responsibility, accountability, and team closeness.
  • Communicating and Escalating:
    • Clearly communicate project goals, roles, and responsibilities.
    • Effectively escalate issues to management with potential solutions.
  • Strong Organizational Skills:
    • Stay organized to set an example for the team.
    • Use tools like planning software, collaboration tools, documentation, and quality assurance tools.


  • Importance of Flexibility:
    • Adapt to changes and challenges.
    • Prepare for external constraints and risks.
    • Calculate "float" time in the schedule to manage resources and keep projects on track.

Handling Ambiguity:

  • Dealing with Ambiguity:
    • Remain calm and composed during uncertain times.
    • Show empathy and support for team members.
    • Communicate confirmed aspects clearly and stick to decisions.
    • Trust the expertise of team members to increase clarity and gather more information.

Key Takeaway:

  • Mastering flexibility and handling ambiguity, along with decision-making, communication, and organizational skills, allows a project manager to innovate and grow as a leader.