Introduction to Course 1

Introduction to Course 1
  • Course Objectives:
    • Understand which types of jobs are suitable for you
    • Define key project management terms
    • Define roles and responsibilities
    • Discuss the types of jobs you can pursue
    • Define project and project manager
    • Define project life cycle
    • Describe organizational structures and cultures
  • Course Overview:
    • Preview: Overview of what to expect in the program.
    • Job Suitability: Identifies suitable jobs for learners and discusses various project management terms, roles, and responsibilities.
    • Career Paths: Explores jobs beyond project manager that the program prepares learners for and provides guidance on job searching.
  • Key Topics:
    • Project and Project Manager Definitions: Detailed explanation of what a project is and the role and skills of a project manager.
    • Real-Life Examples: Illustrates skills through real-life examples, showing learners they may already possess necessary skills.
    • Value Addition: Tips on adding value to projects and being a successful project manager, featuring insights from Google employees.
    • Project Life Cycle: Covers different project phases, tasks in each phase, methodologies for task completion, and their effectiveness for different projects.
    • Organizational Structures and Cultures: Examines how various organizational structures and cultures impact project management.

Next Steps:

  • Exploration: The upcoming sections will delve into the concept of a project and the broader field of project management.