Introduction: Becoming an effective project manager

Introduction: Becoming an effective project manager

Review of Previous Discussions:

  • Introduction to Project Management:
    • Explored project management as a career path and how this course can help advance career goals with a project management certification.
    • Defined a project and its components.
  • Project Management Careers:
    • Discussed various project management careers, roles, and responsibilities.

Module Goals:

  • Understanding the Role of a Project Manager:
    • Explain the unique value a project manager brings to their team.
    • Describe a project manager's roles and responsibilities.
    • List the core skills of a project manager.

Course Objectives:

  • Skill Recognition and Development:
    • Identify the skills you already have that will help you become a successful project manager.
    • Recognize new skills you may need to learn for your new career.

Ready to Start:

  • Begin the module to gain a deeper understanding of the project manager's role.