Gilbert: Project management skills in my role

Gilbert: Project management skills in my role

Introduction by Gilbert:

  • Role: Talent outreach specialist at Google, focusing on identifying and supporting diverse talent through the interview process.

Project and Program Management Skills:

  • Skills Applied in Current Role:
    • Communicating with stakeholders
    • Managing budgets
    • Handling project timelines
    • Organizing events, such as university student visits to Google

Career Path and Skill Transfer:

  • First Job: Assistant manager at a big box retailer.
  • Skills Transferred to Current Role:
    • Handling difficult conversations
    • Budget management
    • Resource and time management
  • Application of Project Management:
    • Implementing project management frameworks in personal and professional projects, which prepared him for more complex projects at Google.

Overcoming Challenges:

  • Imposter Syndrome: Practiced project management skills in various aspects of life to build confidence.
  • Support and Practice: Emphasized the importance of continuous practice and seeking help when needed.

Advice for Aspiring Project Managers:

  • First Step: Enrolling in the course is a significant initial step.
  • Seeking Help: Encourages asking for assistance and conducting informational interviews.
  • Curiosity and Learning: Recommends being proactive in learning and connecting with professionals in desired roles.