A project manager’s role within a team

A project manager’s role within a team

Project Manager's Role in Relation to the Project Team:

  • Not a Direct Manager: A project manager manages tasks and responsibilities rather than directly managing the team members.
  • Role of a Project Manager: Guides the team, ensures tasks are completed, and supports team members without needing to be an expert in every field.
  • Example: Planning a camping trip by assigning specific tasks to others with expertise in those areas.

Responsibilities of a Project Manager:

  1. Accountability: Hold team members accountable for their assigned tasks by giving them ownership.
  2. Tracking Issues and Risks: Ensure issues and risks are tracked and visible, and establish escalation paths for communication.
  3. Adopting Workflows: Help the team adopt the right workflows and project management styles.
  4. Collaboration: Work with other teams in the organization to meet project requirements based on scope, schedule, and budget.


  • A project manager is responsible for guiding the team and ensuring they have the support needed to complete the project.
  • The next section will discuss the types of skills a project manager needs to succeed.